Saturday, November 19, 2011

Katjia's Wedding Photos, thank you!

 Photographer Sabrina Geigges
 Photographer Sabrina Geigges
Picture by Viola Ehrig

This wonderful pictures where sent by one of my happy
customer from Germany, Katjia. I made her bridal veil
a chapel length drop veil, no comb attached in an off-white
color, amazingly simple yet looks perfect with almost
every gown out there, she looks beyond words beautiful!

I can't pick a favorite! they are so amazing and they capture
the happiness, love and uniqueness of this couple.
I love weddings!!!! and t his one looks like it was a lot
of fun, Katjia I can't thank you enough for sharing.

If I have made your wedding accessory and you want
to share your pictures please don't forget to add the
name of the photographer when sending in your pics.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Available Laces Catalog

I have created an album of my lace stash on flickr you can access here:
available lace trims
You  can see sizes (each square is one inch) and color/s available too.
It took me a whole day , it was hard work but wellworth it!

French Alencon or not?

One thinks that you can always know the difference between quality and not
so nice quality, but when it comes to laces unless you have seen real French lace
it is not so easy. Some would say that the lashes ( those little
strings hanging from the lace it a most certainty that is French lace.

And you would be wrong, for you see China and perhaps other countries
have already found a way to produce this effect on laces.

And that is all fine and mighty I don't want to get into a debate of what and who should manufacture lace and how, but the only thing that upsets me is the fact that some designers or manufacturers of bridal accessories claim to be selling what they are not and this is not fair for the customers is it?
So, in this pictures you can see the 2 on top are re-embroidered lace trim and the two bottom ones are French Alencon trims, French Alencon lace is mostly made from cotton although it does contain other fibers like acrylic but mostly cotton, Cotton itself it is a matte fiber therefore so will the lace.
In the second picture you can see my hand holding both types of trims and you can see the one on top has a certain shine to it while the second one does not, some people still call it Alecon as it is perhaps the style of the lace itself, but you can no call it French unless the manufacturer's tag says so or you know lace enough to tell the difference.

Unfortunately it is harder and harder to find lace trims in good quality but that is no excuse to defraud a customer and make more money, not only can it get you in  trouble but also get you very bad karma.
As a customer you have the right to ask questions and get what you pay for.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


As you might know I am a member of a wonderful group called
in this group our great leader Glenn comes up with the greatest ideas
and today she came up with this one:

"Take advantage of these huge deals from Your Wedding Divas participating shops. Shops will be periodically added so make sure you check in every now and then. "

So if you or someone you know is getting married and needs wonderful, creative
unique,beautiful stuff for her wedding don't hesitate to send her the following link:

In case you are wondering what kind of stuff we have here are some examples:

 Don't forget to add to your favorites since promotions will be added and changed
you want to stay informed so you can get the best deal and discounts possible
my Etsy store will be participating with a whooping 20% discount on all items
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