Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Bridal Bazaar 2015-Prevue

Today I took a trip downtown San Diego, at the convention center, that's
where the Bridal Bazaar took place, I was glad I went so many pretty things!
I highly recommend to all brides to go to events like this one, you get so many ideas
and you get to see in person all kinds of decorations, venues, photographers, music

Let's start with some fashion from Prevue:
 Lace, lace, lace, and more lace and some or a lot of bling!
The beaded accessories with lots of sparkle are still here and I think they are
here to stay, so are the blush colored gowns that I have to say, got the most attention.
The ladies where super nice and answered lots and lots of questions from brides that
stopped by to see their wonderful gowns and accessories.
More from Prevue, from the runway:

 I don't think any bridesmaid would say no to a gorgeous dress like this!:
 Check out the back on this dresses, on the colorful flower girl she looked adorable!
 One of the tendencies I noticed was the color under the lace or tulle skirts on the weddings
gowns, they look amazing, golds, pinks, blush and champagne colors. I have had a couple
of brides contact me about making something that matches for the veil on this style and I always
suggest to get the samples of tulle before purchasing, I saw at least 3 different blush colors, 4 golds
2 champagnes and a couple of light pinks. The gown below has a blush under the lace, I loved it!

More to come, this time I took a better camera, my Nikon P530 so the pictures where
better than last year LOL.

More to come soon, but let me say good night with this shoes:

Monday, February 2, 2015

Silver Lace Trim Mantilla

Thank you so much to bride Amber for sending me this picture, she looks gorgeous
and I love how she added a touch of color to her ensemble with her flowers.
Amber is wearing a silver lace trim mantilla I custom made for her, she looks
beautiful!!! Congratulations Amber, may you have a wonderful married life!