Monday, January 27, 2014

San Diego Bridal Baazar

I attended the Bridal Bazaar in San Diego yesterday, it was a wonderful experience
and this is just coming from someone who was there only to check the place out
and see if this would be a good venue for my business since I am considering to get
a booth there in future events.
I have a bag full of options so I will be grabbing one by one and doing a review on
one at the time.
First one to come out is one of my favorites Jessica Barkley, she caught my eye for
her keen eye for understated style and gorgeous fabrics that you don't find everywhere,
Jessica Barkley
I saw the red dress that is featured on the front page of her website, picture does not do
justice, it is even more beautiful, I fell in love with the fabrics you can tell they are the
best quality you can find in the world.
About her, she is not only gifted and talented but she is also a warm and kind person
not to mention beautiful too, she makes you feel very comfortable and at ease, qualities
I am most envious of! Oh and she has a soft gorgeous accent it adds even more to her
great personality.
So now you know, if you are looking for a talented atelier in San Diego give her a call
and make an appointment she creates from tops to bridal gowns and accessories to
complement you outfit, I must add that she has also wonderful designs perfect for
mother of the bride or groom (as it would be my case when the day comes) elegant
beautiful and timeless style.

I will be adding more reviews about the Bridal Baazar in the following weeks.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Feature Bride on Style me Pretty

I love Pinterest, even more today because I just happen to see
a mantilla veil on my feedback, and I recognized it, don't ask me
how, I guess one knows it's own work? anyways, I did a search 
and sure enough it is from a customer in Australia (I ship there
a few times a month), and the pictures are so beautiful! such a
beautiful bride and the wedding itself is to die for! 
you have got to see them:

Here is my picture (not as good of course:
The prices for this reembroidered bridal lace are pretty economical
but when I saw the first finished mantilla I ordered more because I
just love that something that doesn't cost too much can look this
good !