Saturday, December 20, 2014

HELP:How to Buy Your Veil Online

Buying online can be very stressful when you are talking
about your wedding, from colors, textures, styles and prices
you end up confused, frustrated and ready to give up.

Don't give up, help is here.
Color, you want your veil to match the color of your gown
so I always suggest getting samples, as in previous post
I talked about colors and what can go wrong:

Now, buying online means doing some work, I came up with a
checklist to help you on this matter.

Check List:
****Color- You can order samples if you have doubts on color. Some people
think that White is almost the same as Ivory, is not. If an online seller does
not offer this service, move on, it doesn't matter how cheap it is if the color
is wrong.

****Length- Measure from where you will place the comb to where you want
the veil to fall, use cord or thread if your don't have a measuring tape
long enough, then measure the cord or thread. Always double check!

****Style- It depends on your gown style, your venue and your personal
style, some want simple and uncomplicated while other brides want over
the top, neither is wrong, it's called personal style for a reason. Ask the sellers on their opinion, people like me have been dressing brides for
a long time and are capable of helping you decide what is a better
complement for your gown,

****Time- Delivery times vary from item to item, some are ready made
while others take time to elaborate, don't expect to get a complicated
veil in a short time frame. If you are planning something with lots of
beading and intricate lace applications, do order with plenty of time,
some places might not take rush orders at all and others take up to 4-6
months to ship your items.

****Shipping- If you are ordering with in your country shipping should
not be a problem, but if you are ordering from another country, you must
allow from 10 days to 6 weeks of transit time for your item to arrive. If
you do not have this luxury of extra time then think of upgrading to express
or priority shipping, but expect to pay extra for this services. Also ask
if your veil is being sent in a box or envelope, you don't want to receive
a folded veil in a 8X5 envelope, trust me, sometimes those wrinkles
do not come off.

****Materials- If you received samples then you know what you will
be getting, if you received samples from several places you will be surprised
to find out that the same materials for the same type of veil can vary from
one seller to another. You wonder why? Same reason you pay extra for
the same jeans with a different brand, yes, there are brand names when it
comes to veils also, but, unless the seller is offering a silk tulle, or English
expensive tulle with a gold comb, don't fall into the "luxury" trap, a pretty
box it's not going to make up for a crappy scratchy veil on your head.

****Quality-Ask as many questions as you want to the online sellers
you are considering, while people like me have skills that had taken
years to learn and have been in the sewing industry for decades, you also
will find a lot of "designers" who order their accessories overseas
and have no idea how to put a thread though a needle, sad bad true.
These are business people, or as I call, resellers, not skilled craftspeople.
Keep in mind there are also a lot of young people who are not only
skilled but also have been through schooling, have degrees in fashion
and are also good business people with their own staff and studios who
hire highly creative hard working people and are very reliable.


I can't express how grateful I am to all my customers, yes, very grateful
and I want to wish Happy Holidays to all may happiness and health be
with you always!
Here are some beautiful brides from the last few years:
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Stacey, Emily, Daisy;s daughter, Jen, Robbin, Nicole, Crysta, Tawny, and Katja