Friday, April 13, 2012

Finally some Business stamps and tags with my logo!

Finally some beautiful tags for my online business
it seems that after almost 5 years with this business
I would have everything set up but in reality you have to first of all have a name for your business and then come up with an original logo and get trademarks for both which is not cheap!
Not to mention that it also takes money not just
plenty of time to run an online business and see to all the details this is why I am doing things little by little, but it is so worth it! Here are some of my first tags for my veils and ring pillows I also finally got some business cards done printed and cut, I will try and use the rest of the day doing some orders now that I got this done.
I want to thank Glitterpugg ( ) for the perfect interpretation on my stamp  and for the oh so fast delivery! and to Creative Cottage for the help on making my logo come true this are both Etsy sellers I highly recommend they have proven to be trustworthy, creative and just plain wonderful to work with. Thank you guys!