Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vintage Veils Cap Style Wedding Veils

I have wanted to make some of these Vintage Style Veils since I happen to have (hoard)
more than a few vintage laces, the look of this veils might not be
the kind you use with any wedding gown, but with the right gown
it will complement you dress wonderfully. 

 As you can see in this pictures, it does not go with this type of modern look dress
but if look at the veil itself it is marvelous.
 The beautiful lace I am using in this veil is a vintage organdy
reembroidered and beade lace, with tiny beads. This lace is very unique and hard to find in a creamy light ivory color.
The measurements in this veils is usually 108" by 108"
for the Cathedral veil, the waltz in 60" by 60"
and fingertip 40" by 40".
The can be square cut, rounded corners or oval cut.
but the most common is square I believe, but 
I prefer the rounded corners.

This Cap Wedding Veil Style is from the 20's and 30's
now reborn almost 100 years later, it's like my mom says:
"Fashion always comes back".
Alright, I better get back to work so I can
finish this and other new design I am working on.
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving
and you are now ready to feel the Christmas Spirit!