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When the Perfect Color is not Perfect

When the Perfect Color is not Perfect

Color.- Some Brides know that just because your gown  color is ivory does not mean it's going to match a ivory veil, there are many tones to one color and every supplier and/or designer has his/her own idea of what ivory is, so your best bet is to get samples of tulle when available and compare with your gown.
And unfortunately other brides think that ivory is ivory and that is that.

As I have read from brides sometimes what happens is that when a bride gets her gown, when purchased ready made, it is not exactly the color she had purchased. Here are some reasons why this happens:

1.- Fabric manufacturer comes up with a final product that is not what designers ordered, but in their policies they specify that this might happen so designer is stuck with product in a different color than previous samples.

2.- Human error, well it can not be machine error can it? since machines do what we tell them to do, it has happened to all of us that we think one thing and we type another.

3.- Lost in translation? yes we have to admit most gowns/fabric manufacturers are not with in USA or an English speaking country.

4.-You tried on a sample gown that has changed color with time, specially
 if it was by the window catching UV rays, and when you get the real thing the color is different.

5.- And last but not least, plain meanness. They might have one dress in the color already made or someone cancelled, perhaps they know they wont have that color but will send what they have without previous warning, why? Well, since your wedding is only 6 weeks away what the hell are you going to do? Sue them? Yell and curse at them? Become Bridezilla?  Cry? and after trowing a tantrum will will take what you can have because your wedding date is so close.

You might want to start panicking right now but please don't best solutions are found under pressure but never with out thinking, you have to sit down and see what your options are.

Let's say your gown complements have been bought already in off white, shoes, veil, jewelry,hair accessory etc..
You take your accessories to the bridal salon for your first fitting and it turns out your gown is more of a light ivory that an off white!!!!! You feel your blood pressure hit the floor the moment you realize they don't match at all!!! Then you are in denial for another 5 minutes looking at yourself in the mirror , perhaps it's this freaking lights! so you walk over to a different lighting to no avail, darn it!!!! You then call the attendant and ask,-what color is my dress??" she looks and says "Off WHITE.....?"
You then proceed to educate her and you show her your shoes and say "THIS is OFF WHITE" you point to your marvelous silk flowers on your head and say "THIS is OFF WHITE" ....and at the end you grab the side of your gown and say "this is NOT off white, this is either a diamond white or light ivory but don't you tell me my dress is off white for crying out loud"
Then you tell her this most be some sort of mistake some one mess up and this need to be fixed, with all calmness she looks at the tag on your dress and tells you "it says so right here, off white"
Ok at this point your face starts to feel hot and your hands are in a fist, your stomach -that is empty exept for the coffee you had this morning hoping to fit in your gown- begins to hurt.
After 2 hours of arguing you fix nothing since you have no way of proving that this is the wrong color.....
and if you do prove it they will say "we can not do anything about it it takes 6 months to get another gown"
More than once I have been contacted by an upset bride that just went to her fitting to find out her ivory gown is way too dark or way too light for the veil she just purchase from me. I always try to be as helpfull as possible but in some cases is not so easy as to switch veils, for example:
Custom Mantilla in cathedral length - not easy to say "no problem I will just send you another color", specially if I am out of lace or don't have enough to make that same length.
Or perhaps a costume beaded veil with a color like, gold or champagne on the beads? not easy to say "no problem, I'll for sure re-sell it fast"
In the first case the mantilla can be redone if time allows it but expect to pay extra,sorry I can't offer  free labor or materials.
In the second there is nothing most can do, your best bet is to re-sell it yourself and order a new one.

Because of all the above is the reason I show lots of pictures and send samples, even sometimes as far as to send samples of beading materials not just pictures. I try and do everything with in my power to make sure I send the right veil in the right color, if the gown seller or manufacturer does not do his/her job right I will try to help but expect surcharges to come up, sometimes is just as easy as paying for extra shipping sometimes paying a re-stocking fee other times you might need a whole new custom order.

This kind of stuff does not usually happens when you have your wedding gown made with a dressmaker or designer, they have samples of materials or materials already there and very rarely will you get a surprise when it comes to color, a good dressmaker/designer will go beyond her/his means to get you the right color when fabric supplier fails we are very proud people you see and even though we might not be very concerned with being the nicest girl/guy in the block we are concerned about being the best seamstress/tailor/designer in the city, it is what it is.....if you do know a good dressmaker,designer or tailor set up an appointment get a quote and time frame look at some of their actual work it might be the best option, although I know they are hard to find.

Down below: As you can see in this pictures the first veil matches the dress almost perfect (color wise), and the second one you can clearly see the veil is way too dark, well guess what? wedding gown is a Magui Sottero Ivory Gown, the veil in the first picture is an OFF_WHITE mantilla veil made by me, and the second one is an IVORY Mantilla made by me too. Turns out the Magui Sottero gown is more of a creamy light Ivory or diamond white than an Ivory so there you go...............

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