Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pictures sell...........

Yes ,and a mannequin makes a difference., it does make a difference, with hair !!!! and the
wedding gown is to arrive soon but for now she has a
nice silk black dress that makes a great contrast with
the veils I think the pictures show now better how the veils
fall on a "person".

The room divider also helps since the walls are light color
and I am planning on getting some big wall decorations
for christmas to make the pictures even prettier.

One of the most important things besides having a well made
product is a good picture, it helps the buyers to imagine how
it would look on them or with their dress.
I can not count how many times I have been interested in buying something and the pictures are terrible or small and you can not really see any details of the product and instead of writing to the seller for more info I close the page and continue to another web
where I can buy with out so much hassle.........

I have now also began making facinators I have had
the materials for years now but always busy making veils, perhaps in the winter I will have more free time to also make some garters, that was one of the things I used to make along with the bride's gown, ring pillows and veil I have plenty of materials for that too !

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